3 Ways Our Family Law Team Can Help You With Child Arrangements During Divorce
November 3, 2021


Arranging a divorce or dissolving a civil partnership can be a stressful, emotional time for all parties involved. This can become even more challenging if there are children involved, as arrangements will need to be made for their care. A trusted family solicitor can help support you through this difficult time by making the process as worry-free and streamlined as possible.

This article is going to outline the ways in which a professional family solicitor can help you navigate divorce and children’s arrangement orders as amicably as possible.

Listening To Your Circumstances

Everyone will have their own circumstances to contend with during divorce proceedings, so it is incredibly helpful to receive tailored compassionate advice. A good family solicitor such as Bowsers Solicitors will provide advice that is relevant to your situation and will listen intently to your life situation. For example, if divorce is against your religion, a solicitor should be able to tell you about other forms of separation that may be more suited to you.

Helping With Child Arrangement Orders

During a divorce, priority is usually focused on any children that may be affected. Knowing where the child is going to be staying permanently as well as scheduling visitations are contentious issues that directly benefits from a family solicitor’s involvement. A good family solicitor will help facilitate a collaborative divorce that does not impede the child’s wellbeing in the slightest.

Agreeing on the best setup for a child arrangement order can be difficult, but a family solicitor will be able to objectively look at the facts and come up with a workable solution for all parties. In some cases, a parenting plan can be drafted that outlines the practicalities of parenting after the divorce. Moreover, a solicitor will know how to make a parenting plan legally abiding.

Facilitating Mediation

It is quite common for disagreements to arise during divorce proceedings or during child arrangement orders, so it’s important to have a professional family solicitor in your corner to help facilitate any mediation between you and your ex-partner. This might include creating a prohibited steps order to ensure your ex-partner doesn’t do something like take your child abroad or change their surname.

Ultimately, a good family solicitor can make sure you and your child get the best possible outcome at the end of a divorce. From giving you trusted advice about your circumstances to encouraging you to effectively navigate legal resources, a family solicitor is crucial to helping with child arrangements during a divorce.

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