All I Want For Christmas Is A Divorce: Why Divorce Rates Spike At Christmas
December 1, 2021

You may have noticed a trend in the period directly after the festive season – a trend regarding the number of breakups and divorces you encounter. In fact, the first working Monday in January has been nicknamed ‘Divorce Day’. This is the day when lawyers and law firms receive a surge in fresh enquiries from couples about getting a divorce.

But why does this occur after Christmas? We explore this tricky subject in more detail.

Divorce And Christmas

During the beginning of the new year, law firms see a spike in couples requesting to begin divorce proceedings. January, in general, is known for being a difficult month for many; a combination of the cold weather, the lack of “something to look forward to”, and the large financial outgoing of the festive season.

All I Want For Christmas Is A Divorce

One of the reasons that divorce rates begin to go up in the early part of the year is due to the intensity of the festive period. Couples have usually spent a period of intense time together, possibly attempting to put a “good front” on any smaller underlying issues for the sake of the celebratory period. While spending this time together, many couples find that pre-existing anxieties are brought to the forefront, and it causes them to begin to think and evaluate the state of their relationship. This can cause arguments that are exacerbated by the close quarters often caused by Christmas.

Avoiding Divorce After Christmas

If this sounds like a familiar scenario to you, there are ways that you can avoid relationship breakdowns over the Christmas period. It is important to try and cut back on alcohol; this can be a major contributing factor to arguments spiralling out of control over this time. You should also come up with a budget for your Christmas spending and stick to it, as financial troubles often cause relationship issues. Even if your Christmas is very busy and family orientated, you should share the workload and make time for yourself and your partner during this hectic time of year and avoid ‘Divorce Day’.

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