Are You Aware Of These Little-Known Signs Of Domestic Violence?
February 22, 2023

Domestic violence is a devastating form of abuse that can be extremely isolating and destructive. Sadly, it is all too common for domestic violence victims not to recognise signs of this abuse until it has escalated, which can have tragic consequences. We look at some little-known signs of domestic violence so you can have a better understanding of what it can look like, and when to walk away.

Exerting Control

Coercive control is one of the common signs of domestic violence and often is not physical in any way. This usually involves your partner attempting to control how you behave – this can include how you dress, what you eat, and where you are “allowed” to go. It can also involve discouraging you from connecting with family and friends, or even going to work, in order to isolate you further.

Insulting Behaviour

If your partner regularly insults you in any way, this should be seen as a sign of abuse and domestic violence. Insulting your appearance or actions, your personality or intelligence, or anything else is serious. Take note if your partner belittles you when alone or in company.

Hurtful “Jokes”

While sarcastic humour and joking around can be harmless, hurtful behaviour is not funny. If you bring up examples of times your partner has hurt you and they tell you it was “a joke”, then this can be abusive. This is also true if they blame your “oversensitivity” or say you “can’t take a joke” – your feelings are valid and a healthy, supportive partner should never shame you in this manner.

Overt Threats

Even if no physical violence is occurring, your partner may threaten you with harm. This could be harm to you, or harm to themselves if you do not behave a certain way. It could also include raising their voice or getting close to you in order to intimidate you into backing down.

Inability To “Let Things Go”

All couples have disagreements, but if your partner is picking arguments with you over and over again, this is a different matter. Refusing to let go of old arguments and consistently bringing them up is a form of abuse. This can also be seen when a partner tries to provoke you and accuses you of abuse as a result.

Divorce Solicitors Near Me

Any of these signs of domestic violence is cause for concern and should be recognised. Don’t wait for domestic violence to escalate before you act so that you can be safe. If you require any support from legal professionals when dealing with domestic violence and potential divorce, then Bowsers Solicitors can support you. Get in touch to find out more.

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