Things to Consider Before Entering a Zero Hour Contract

A zero-hour contract is an employment agreement between an employer and an employee. The term ‘zero-hour contract’ is a non-legal term but generally refers to an arrangement whereby the employer does not guarantee the employee any hours of work. The hours are offered...

How a Solicitor Can Assist in Divorce

The divorce process is emotionally overwhelming, and with so many issues to resolve, untwisting your life from that of your ex-spouse will mean making several tough decisions that should be carefully planned and considered. Even in amicable circumstances, difficult...

How to Make Sure That Your Will is Legally Binding

A Will is an essential document that helps ensure your family and loved ones are protected when you die. By creating a comprehensive and detailed Will based on your individual circumstances, you are able to leave your possessions and finances to the people you want,...

How to Make a Financial Settlement on Divorce

Divorce, or the dissolution of a civil partnership, is challenging. There are often many issues to resolve, and separating couples need to make various arrangements, including a financial settlement.

What Are The Two Types Of LPA?

Choosing a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a very important decision that can feel stressful and overwhelming at first. This is why it’s important to be as educated as you can and have as much knowledge regarding the process as possible beforehand to alleviate as...

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