Bowsers: A Proud Member Of The UK200Group!
January 2, 2020

The UK200Group was established in 1986 and is currently the UK’s leading association of independent accountants and law firms. Becoming a member of UK200 is a symbol of integrity and excellence, and a step that will support higher quality services, business development and a competitive edge for Bowsers Solicitors.

What Are The Benefits Of UK200?

The UK200 association includes 150 offices all over the UK, with over 500 partners serving around 150,000 business clients. The association makes the most of its international connections, with links to around 70 countries that give members access to global expertise. Business partners of UK200 are carefully chosen to ensure they support the business and services of all members, ensuring each member can provide a top-quality experience for clients. Performances are constantly under review to ensure the very best in reputation and quality.

To become a member of UK200, lawyers and accountants can submit an application. This application is then reviewed by the association before they choose whether to invite the business to join as a member. Bowsers Solicitors has been a proud member of UK200 since 2010.

How Does UK200 Help Bowsers?

UK200 supports members in several key ways. With UK200, members can provide clients with improved service that prioritises quality and performance. Members work together to build better services and experiences for clients, and UK200 provides in-depth and wide-ranging support to meet exceptional standards. Firstly, members benefit from quality accreditation to boost the trustworthiness for clients and provide a competitive edge. UK200 also gives members access to specialist skills, enabling them to deliver a more informed service. Technical support is available for specialist enquiries as well as training courses and networking events, while access to international associates allows for country-specific support and finding the ideal support where it is needed.

As a member, UK200 will work over the course of the next year to provide Bowsers Solicitors with increased public awareness and a competitive edge over non-member businesses.

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