Bowsers’s Divorce Process Guide – How To Complete Your Divorce Journey With Ease
October 20, 2021

At Bowsers Solicitors, we understand how painful filing for divorce can be – but if you have reached this stage, it was likely the right choice. With our Divorce Process Guide, we hope to chaperone you through this difficult time; not only does it come with the dissolution of your marriage, but there are plenty of practical problems that a divorce can pose.

The First Steps For Divorce

There are five main ‘grounds’ for divorce: adultery, unreasonable behaviour, desertion, two years’ separation (consent from both parties), and five years’ separation. If your difficulties fulfil one of these, then the divorce can proceed – otherwise, you face lengthy negotiations.

After one party files for divorce, an intermediary will contact and ‘serve’ the other with divorce papers. The one who directly applied cannot do this – it must be through a third party. The served party acknowledges the receipt of these papers and has the option to contest it, though this is rare.

The Timeframe Of a Divorce

Concessions and negotiations are always important in a divorce to make it fair for both parties, but we must note that this can take time. This is why even a typical divorce commonly takes 4-6 months, and you should not apply for a decree absolute (the dissolution document) until both parties agree upon a divorce process and UK financial settlement. The longer this takes, the more drawn out this will be.

Usually, the court can offer a decree absolute around six weeks after both parties acknowledge the divorce, but it is very rare to make this agreement so swiftly.

Divorce Finances For Cambridge Couples

A Financial Agreement, or financial settlement, is a core part of the divorce that determines the way assets are split between couples. Several factors influence how much each party is entitled to; usually, anything that was purchased before the marriage is covered by a pre-nuptial agreement. There are no hard rules as to how everything is split, but the courts usually start at 50/50 and negotiate from that point.

Divorces can result in financial difficulties for either party during or after the proceedings – negotiations might break down for example. If it is impossible to come to a final agreement, the judge can decide on the matter.

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