Can I Sue My Neighbours For Harassment? 
July 5, 2022

Suffering from harassment from a neighbour can lead to you feeling unsafe and unhappy in your own home. There is the possibility that you can sue your neighbours for harassment, depending on the distinct form of harassment, there are different options available.

Covert Harassment

Not all harassment is obvious or easy to document. Some neighbour harassment is mainly characterised by psychological abuse, such as we can see in a recent news story. This shocking >Derbyshire case detailed the prolonged harassment one woman suffered as a neighbour went out of his way to make her life upsetting and frightening. This included actions such as approaching her back door with his face covered by a balaclava and threatening her life. Action could not be taken until the victim had several recordings, calling the police multiple times, and eventually moving away to escape the harassment.

Discriminatory Harassment

A Coventry family has been subject to racist verbal abuse from a neighbour that left them too scared to leave their house. The neighbour carried out common forms of neighbour harassment such as intentionally parking on their drive, as well as sending abusive letters. Even after the neighbour moved away, she has continued to come back and drive past and harass the family – leading to mental health complications for the victim.

Violent Harassment

In some cases, neighbour harassment can escalate in even more terrifying ways. A recent case has been brought to national attention, wherein a woman carried out an 18-month-long attack against neighbours in Essex. This harassment included throwing bricks and cement over a shared fence, causing criminal damage, and threatening their lives.

Taking Legal Action

Harassment can be performed in many different ways and provide different forms of damage. Consider if someone has performed damage to your property, your person, or emotional and psychological damage; you may wish to pursue compensation. While you will need to gather extensive documentation and proof of the harassment, it is possible to seek a claim through small claims court. In most cases, you must prove that continued harassment from your neighbour has impacted your property or your ability to perform your work, detailing losses. You can also have the court bring an injunction against your neighbour, meaning that they need to stay away from you or else face more serious consequences.

Seeking legal advice could be the first step to discovering your rights and what you may be able to claim. Get in touch with Bowsers Solicitors so that we can advise you on the best way to proceed and find out more about compensation.

Image Source: Unsplash