Boundary Disputes

What Are TOLATA Claims?

If you and your ex-partner aren’t married or in a civil partnership and at least one of you owns the property you lived in, then you might be able to file a TOLATA claim to settle any disputes about the ownership of the property and who has the right to remain living...

When Are Boundary Disputes Just Not Worth It?

You want your home to be somewhere safe and comfortable - but it can be all too easy for something unexpected to spoil your peace and quiet. If you find yourself in a boundary dispute, you may wonder what your rights are and when it is worth pursuing such an issue...

What Constitutes Harassment From a Neighbour?

No one deserves to live in fear. Recently, there has been a shocking story in the news, detailing an elderly “nightmare neighbour” terrorising a family by taking photographs of them, abusing them verbally, and causing criminal damage to their car. This story...

How To Resolve Property Boundary Disputes

How to resolve property boundary disputes You may have seen the recent news story in which this amusing image first featured! But it’s not all fun and games when it comes to whose land is whose… {{cta('b74d578f-790b-414e-b859-d716a68ebce6','justifycenter')}} Boundary...

How Do I Resolve A Boundary Dispute?

Owning property is a rewarding feeling – however, boundary disputes often crop up. These can be caused by a number of factors. Here, we will seek to explain to you why boundary disputes arise, how best to solve boundary disputes, who can help, and when the right time...

When And How To Escalate A Boundary Dispute

Knowing how to resolve boundary disputes can be difficult, as they can be a process fraught with high tensions and hostility. If you want to know how to win a boundary dispute, it's first important to know exactly what one is, and what the common process for resolving...

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