How a Solicitor Can Assist in Divorce

The divorce process is emotionally overwhelming, and with so many issues to resolve, untwisting your life from that of your ex-spouse will mean making several tough decisions that should be carefully planned and considered. Even in amicable circumstances, difficult...

How to Make a Financial Settlement on Divorce

Divorce, or the dissolution of a civil partnership, is challenging. There are often many issues to resolve, and separating couples need to make various arrangements, including a financial settlement.

5 Top Tips To Rekindle Your Marriage

When you first marry, you don’t imagine that anything will ever go wrong. However, the daily challenges of life can make you feel disconnected from your partner and make it hard to feel like a family. But there are some simple steps you can take to rekindle your...

Your Guide To Divorce Regulations In 2022

While it may seem as though divorce regulations have been the same for many years now, significant changes were made in April 2022. We take a look at these in our guide to getting divorced and explore how Bowsers Solicitors can help....

4 Tips To Stop Divorce Being The Only Option

When you are facing a relationship breakdown, it can sometimes seem as though following through with a divorce is your only option. In some cases, this is absolutely true - but a bad spell in your marriage does not have to mean a permanent, legal separation. Rather...

Are Social Media And Increased Divorce Rates Linked?

Social media has quickly become an integral part of our daily lives. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have opened up new possibilities for online interactions, offering users a fantastic outlet to connect with strangers, reunite with old friends, and...

How To Get A Divorce In the Covid 19 Pandemic

42% of all marriages end in divorce, and the chances are that number might even be a little higher during lockdown. It's not easy to be cooped up together all day every day, even when you're married. If you're considering ending your marriage, here's everything you...

How Much Does A Divorce Cost?

Nobody expects their marriage to end in divorce, but it happens more often than you might think. 42% of marriages in England and Wales currently end in divorce, and the median length of a UK marriage stands at just over 12 years. Even if a divorce is amicable, the...

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