Wills & Probate

What Are the Intestacy Rules? 

Making a valid Will is the only way of ensuring your property, money and other assets pass on to those you wish to benefit from your estate after your death. Everyone over the age of 18 should have a Will in place.  A Will should be comprehensive and consider...

Frequently Asked Questions About Wills

A Will is one of the most important legal documents you can have. Regardless of your age, relationship status or financial situation, having a well-drafted and comprehensive Will ensures that your personal assets and estate pass to the people you want to benefit from...

How to Effectively Manage Your Money in Later Life

Finances contribute to almost every aspect of our lives, so ensuring they are managed efficiently and effectively is paramount. This is particularly important as we get older. When you retire from the workforce, you typically no longer have the earning capacity...

Protecting Your Assets With Trusts

Asset Protection Trusts (APTs) can be used to protect assets for beneficiaries, avoid probate costs, protect against divorce or bankruptcy or limit unnecessary inheritance tax payments.  By transferring assets into a trust, you will no longer own the property, but it...

How to Make Sure That Your Will is Legally Binding

A Will is an essential document that helps ensure your family and loved ones are protected when you die. By creating a comprehensive and detailed Will based on your individual circumstances, you are able to leave your possessions and finances to the people you want,...

How Do I Contest A Will?

If you believe somebody's will is incorrect or that it has been implemented incorrectly, you may have cause to contest it or claim against the deceased's estate. In this blog, we explain how to contest a will, when it is appropriate to do so and what to expect from...

What Is A Good Age To Start Thinking About My Will?

Most people don't consider making a will until they're in their 50s, but this important document should be prepared much sooner. Although we don't like to imagine the possibility of our unexpected death, it's important to consider what the impact on your loved ones...

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