Dealing With Probate – Expert Advice From Qualified Solicitors
October 28, 2021


Managing the estate administration procedure on the behalf of a family member who has passed away can cause a large strain on one’s mental health and wellbeing. The reason? You will be experiencing significant anxieties and sadness around dealing with probate and wills in addition to the bereavement itself.

To support you through this challenging time, we’ve put together an article offering our top tips on how to deal with the stress-inducing process and our team at Bowsers Solicitors can help you with this.

How Mental Health Can Be Affected By This Process

Carrying out the estate administration of a loved one is a huge task involving hours of tax, legal, and administrative tasks. This is in addition to the grief, sadness, and emotional strain you’re probably already going through. Depending on the complexity of the estate itself, this work can be very time-consuming to complete with 52% of people who have recently taken care of probate reporting that it took longer than they had initially anticipated.

Support Available To Those Who Are Dealing With Bereavement and Loss

In 39% of cases, legal professionals said someone in their firm will need to offer emotional support to the client. You’ll be pleased to know that our caring and supportive team can help you through this challenging time.

How Can Bowsers Solicitors Help You?

Our specialist and experienced lawyers will offer a wide selection of estate administration advice and guidance to support you, which includes some of the following:

  • Applying for Probate
  • Access to your inheritance
  • Tax planning and guidance

By choosing our team at Bowsers Solicitors, you’ll have access to legal advice and an expert to talk you through all your options when it comes to wills and probate.

Contact Bowsers Solicitors Today

If you are responsible for dealing with probate on your loved one’s estate, then we recommend thinking about whether you want to take some of the load off. Here at Bowsers Solicitors, we’re proud to have a team of Solicitors and Chartered Legal Executives who are more than happy to help with probate problems and support you through your bereavement and loss. So, get in in touch with our team of experts for support and guidance when it comes to dealing with probate.

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