Don’t Book Your Removal Company Too Soon
April 28, 2023


Moving house is such an exciting time. You want everything to happen as quickly as possible. Once you have found your dream property, put in an offer, and had that offer accepted, then the temptation is to rush into ticking jobs off the list in preparation for moving in as soon as possible.

However, you should pause before rushing ahead with booking your removal company. Why? Read on to find out more.

Rushing In

As we have said, it can be very tempting to rush in and book everything ahead of time. There can be some serious downsides to booking your removal company too early. We know that it is hard not to become impatient with the process but booking in before your completion date has been agreed is never a good idea.

Downsides Of Booking Early

If you book your removal company early (and even agree to leave your previous home), then you need to be aware that many things could go wrong. If a completion date has not been firmly agreed upon, it is easy to change, possibly by weeks or even months. If you have already paid for your removal company, this could lead to disappointment on your part and even having to pay extra costs to rebook a new date.

Professional Advice

It really is best to take the advice of the professionals. Both conveyancers and estate agents suggest that the best plan when moving is to only book your removal company once your contracts have been exchanged. This helps you to avoid disappointment and gives you more time to prepare for the big day!

An Exception

There is only one exception to this general rule when moving house. There are some situations when exchange and completion may happen on the same day. However, all parties in advance have to be agreed upon for this to be the case.

A Realistic Timeline

The usual timeline that one could expect for a standard transaction used to be roughly twelve weeks. However, due to the past year’s difficulties, there have been more delays in the process than usual. You need to keep this in mind when booking in a removal company, as you do not want to have to reschedule, risk losing a deposit, and other such inconveniences. There are so many factors to be taken care of, so it may be difficult to get your first choice of moving date. Remember this and allow yourself to be a little more flexible than usual. As this shows you, there are even more factors to consider than usual when you are moving properties. Take your time through the process, be aware that timelines may alter a little or a lot, and you will be moved into your new home before you know it.

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Image Source: Pexels