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Workplace discrimination can display itself in various ways and there are extensive laws and legislations to protect employees from this where possible. If you feel you have been a victim of workplace discrimination, you should promptly seek legal advice from a trusted lawyer.

At Bowsers Solicitors, we know that workplace discrimination can be highly distressing for the victim, particularly if they feel that they had to leave the role as a result.

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There are a multitude of possible ways for workplace discrimination to present itself, including the following:

  • Age.
  • Disability.
  • Gender reassignment.
  • Marriage or Civil Partnership.
  • Pregnancy or Maternity.
  • Race.
  • Religion or Belief.
  • Sex.
  • Sexual Orientation.

In cases of discrimination relating to disability, employers are required to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to assist employees and applicants with disabilities.

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Bowsers Solicitors are local solicitors for the local community. We want to do all we can to protect employees from being mistreated. Even if you are uncertain as to whether you have a claim, it is worth speaking to a solicitor to be sure. Likewise, if you leave it too long before making a claim, the issue will be harder to prove, reducing your chances of obtaining compensation.

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If employers fail to adhere to the strict laws and regulations regarding preventing workplace discrimination, they are likely to face costly repercussions. At Bowsers Solicitors, we intend to hold any employer who has discriminated against an employee accountable for their actions by pursuing the case and helping them receive the compensation they deserve.

If you believe that you have been discriminated against, please get in touch with Bowsers Solicitors today.

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