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An employment relationship is established as soon as an employee accepts a job offer. In addition, as soon as the work commences, the employee is afforded certain legal protections.

Employment contracts are paramount to the running of a business and should be used to set the tone of your work environment, maximise productivity and encourage harmony within the company.

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As an employer, utilising comprehensive, detailed, relevant and coherent employment contracts is essential to the proper running of the firm.

An employment contract should dictate how the employment relationship starts, how the employment relationship can be brought to an end and what can happen after that. In addition, an employment contract might be used to protect confidential information or prevent issues with ex-employees.

Overall, with robust and thorough employment contracts in place, you reduce the likelihood of issues arising, meaning that you are less likely to face costly consequences and legal intervention.

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Bowsers Solicitors are local solicitors for the local community. Our employment law lawyers have extensive experience supporting employers in drafting, reviewing and amending their employment contracts, helping them ensure they are appropriate for their firm and how they operate. We have the knowledge and skills to review your business’s documentation carefully and advise on relevant and beneficial improvements.

In addition, we can work with your HR department on an ongoing basis to regularly review the policies and update them in line with any legal or relevant industry updates, considering contracts, employee handbooks and workplace policies to establish and maintain a productive, professional and healthy work environment.

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Fair employment contracts should work harmoniously with other company documentation to ensure an equitable balance of the relationship between employers and employees. Employers should consistently review their contracts and other essential company documentation to ensure that any updates to the law are reflected and that the procedures, policies and terms are best suited for the company.

It should be noted that although it is possible to make firmwide changes to employment conditions, amending individual employment contracts may prove more challenging, even where a contract has provisions for future changes to be made. Therefore, ensuring a business is content with its employment contracts by having them checked by a legal professional is essential.  

Modifications to contractual terms, like pay increases or promotions, are often agreed upon mutually and rarely cause legal or practical issues for employers. However, not all alterations to contract terms are as readily accepted by employees. Implementing unwelcome changes to employee employment contracts and working habits can lead to dissatisfaction and a dip in morale. When implementing such changes, neglecting to adhere to the appropriate procedures could constitute a contract breach, giving your employee the right to quit and file a claim for constructive dismissal. *link to unfair dismissal page. 

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