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In some cases, redundancies may be necessary for businesses for efficiency purposes, whether to aid restructuring, closing down an office or a changed location. However, implementing redundancies within a firm must be done fairly and reasonably.

There are many considerations for an employer to make, including deciding whether to consult with affected staff, creating processes for fair and consistent selection criteria, deciding whether to invite voluntary redundancies, exhausting any alternative options and ruling out any alternative roles for the affected staff within the company.

Failure to complete the abovementioned points may result in disgruntled (ex)staff, which may ultimately lead to an unfair dismissal claim, which can be costly for the business, both financially and publicly.

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Amicably handling redundancies is a skill often overlooked by employers. Doing so can mean that your (ex)employees feel that being let go from the business is not personal but necessary. With this, the employees in question are less likely to claim they were dismissed unfairly.

In all cases, redundancies must be implemented for a genuine reason. The reason for carrying out redundancies is likely to differ on a case-by-case basis. It might include:

  • Closure of the workplace.
  • Business relocation.
  • An alteration of the employee’s workload (there is insufficient work due to advances in technology or restructuring).
  • Other employees are completing the work.
  • The business has new ownership.

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Bowsers Solicitors is the firm you can trust when you need us most. We understand that often, redundancy may not be your ideal resolution, but in cases where it is necessary for your company, we will assist you in appeasing your employees appropriately and carrying out the necessary procedures to ensure that it is done legally.

In addition, should you be faced with an unfair dismissal claim due to redundancy that you implemented, we have the knowledge to support you in resolving the issue, whether through means of litigation or, where necessary, employment tribunal.

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Redundancy should not be carried out to address imbalances with part-time staff, an employee who is ‘too expensive’ or to force older employees into early retirement.

If an employer is found to do any of the above, they may be faced with an unfair dismissal claim. Therefore, ensuring that you speak to a trusted legal professional before implementing redundancies in your business is essential.

The experienced employment law solicitors at Bowsers Solicitors can support your business in carrying out a fair and legal redundancy process that will result in the most favourable outcome for your business.

Redundancy for Employees

At Bowsers Solicitors, our lawyers have experience acting for employers and employees for their redundancy matters. Please find out more about our employee redundancy claims service here.

We would never act for both the employee and employer on a redundancy matter, as this would be deemed a conflict of interest.

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