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A settlement agreement is a formal agreement between an employer and an employee that must be adhered to by both parties. Most settlement agreements are used to terminate an employment relationship in a mutually agreed way.

Once signed, a settlement agreement becomes legally binding and prevents an (ex)employee from being able to make any employment claims against their employer. This is typically in exchange for a sum of money and/or other agreed benefits.

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All settlement agreements are voluntary, meaning neither party has to enter into discussions about them or agree to one. In a typical case, negotiations between the parties will involve proposals and counterproposals until an agreement is reached.

In some instances, it might be concluded that no agreement can be reached, in which case a claim may be made to the employment tribunal, leaving the employer at risk of fines and negative publicity. With this type of claim, the parties cannot use discussions surrounding a settlement agreement as evidence, provided there has been no improper conduct.

Both employers and employees should seek the appropriate legal advice before entering settlement agreement negotiations to ensure they are well-informed of their rights.

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Bowsers Solicitors is the firm you can trust when you need us most. We can assist you if you are an employer seeking advice in drafting and negotiating a settlement agreement. Our extensive experience will allow us to support you in making an informed decision that is unlikely to extensively disrupt your business and its operations whilst appeasing the employee(s) involved.

Throughout our years of operations, we have supported many businesses, from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to larger corporations with complex employee structures. No matter your industry or the issue you face, we will do all we can to support your business.

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Settlement agreements can be highly complex. To provide clarity and protection, they should be drafted by an experienced professional who thoroughly understands the case at hand. Bowsers Solicitors can support your business should you be faced with an employee to whom you would like to propose a settlement agreement or an employee who has suggested the negotiations to you.

We will ensure that you are aware of the options available, ensuring that the negotiations run as smoothly as possible. In addition, we will prepare you with the possibility that other methods of resolution may be necessary, in which case, we can share the alternative options and ensure that you are aware of the potential implications.

Although we encourage and support you in trying to settle, we understand that this may not always be possible. Our lawyers have the experience and knowledge to support your company if faced with an employment tribunal.

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At Bowsers Solicitors, we also have the experience and knowledge to support employees, both individually and otherwise. When you speak to us, we will provide detailed advice on the contents of your agreement and explain the legal consequences of your signing it. In addition, we can assist you in identifying whether the payout is fair and can negotiate with the employer on your behalf. In all cases, we strive to secure the best deal possible.

We would never act for the employee and employer in cases involving a settlement agreement, as this would be deemed a conflict of interest.

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