How Much Does A Divorce Cost?
November 23, 2021

Nobody expects their marriage to end in divorce, but it happens more often than you might think. 42% of marriages in England and Wales currently end in divorce, and the median length of a UK marriage stands at just over 12 years. Even if a divorce is amicable, the process can be extremely draining. Unfortunately, it can also be quite expensive. As well as the mandatory court fees that come with any divorce, those seeking additional guidance can end up paying a fortune in legal fees.

How Much Does A Divorce Cost?

The total cost of a divorce varies greatly depending on your circumstances. The bare minimum cost of a divorce is £550, which is the fee you must pay to the court to cover administration costs. It is the responsibility of the petitioner (the person asking for the divorce) to pay this fee, although couples may privately agree to split it. Those on benefits or low incomes may be eligible for help towards the cost of this fee.

In many cases, you will also have to pay for a financial order, which is a legal document that sets out the division of assets. This can be obtained online for between £200-£400, or a solicitor may charge you between £500 and £1500. In more complex cases where there are disagreements about finances, you may end up paying hourly for a solicitor to mediate, which can be very expensive.

What If I Need To Go To Court?

If no agreement can be reached, the only solution may be to settle things in court. This is where things get really expensive. You will have to apply for a Financial Remedy Order at a cost of £255. You will also have to pay for a solicitor which can run to well over £10,000. It is worth remembering that these costs can fall heavily on one partner if they are found to be at fault in court.

We Can Help

In a perfect world, all divorces would be amicable and no solicitors would be needed. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. At Bowsers, we have years of experience in settling divorces as quickly and civilly as possible. Many companies have raised their fees during the Covid-19 outbreak, but we haven’t. Divorce proceedings are continuing as normal, albeit perhaps a bit slower, so we see no reason to charge more. If your divorce is straightforward, we can offer a fixed fee of just £600 + VAT. Get in touch today for more details.

Image Source: Pexels