How To Know You’re Ready For A Lasting Power Of Attorney
February 8, 2023

Seeking power of attorney can be an upsetting but necessary process, and knowing when you are ready for it is often extremely difficult. A lasting power of attorney is a legally binding document which will give another party the right to make decisions regarding your living situation, finances, and personal care. But how do you know that you require a lasting power of attorney (LPA)? We are here to guide you through some signs that it might be time.

Mental Impairment

Mental health issues can fluctuate throughout your life, and if you find yourself struggling with day-to-day life then a lasting power of attorney can be a positive step. Mental illness or mental impairment can lead to struggles with finances, health, and everyday tasks, and an LPA can help you to be properly taken care of in the short or long term.

Physical Illness

A physical illness can be a sign that it is time to register for an LPA. Suffering from a long-term illness can mean that you aren’t always able to make your own decisions, and having a trusted person in your life can take a lot of worry off your shoulders. Illnesses such as cancer or dementia, which may be terminal and/or degenerative, are just two examples of this. However, if you have an illness that is lifelong, such as epilepsy, an LPA can also give you peace of mind.

Alcohol Or Drug Dependency

Deciding you are ready for a lasting power of attorney is not just for those who are physically unwell or suffering from mental health issues. If you find yourself in a situation where you have become reliant on drugs or alcohol, an LPA could be the right choice for you. Alcohol and drug misuse and addiction can often lead to you losing grip on your physical and mental health, finances, and more. Your decision-making is impaired and it is time to begin the power of attorney process so that you can minimise damage to your life and seek the help you need with full support.

Lasting Powers Of Attorney With Bowsers Solicitors

Knowing when exactly the correct time is to make LPA’s is different for every individual, and having expert help with this is essential. Bowsers Solicitors can advise you on lasting powers of attorney and provide you with an expert service. Get in touch to discuss your needs further.

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