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Contentious Probate is the term frequently used to describe situations where a Will is being contested, or an inheritance dispute arises. Regrettably, disagreements over a Will or estate management following a loved one’s passing are relatively common.

At Bowsers Solicitors, our team has considerable expertise in resolving conflicts relating to Wills, trusts and estates. We represent a diverse range of clients, including beneficiaries, families and individuals. In addition, we can assist in defending against challenges to a Will or the distribution of assets.

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We recognise that conflicts arising from a Will during an already emotionally challenging period can exacerbate your grief. By obtaining early legal advice from our compassionate and knowledgeable team, you can help ensure that your loved one’s Will is executed according to their wishes. Our civil litigation lawyers will use their decades of industry experience to guide you through the process and identify the most suitable solution for your circumstances.

Only certain people can challenge a Will, as outlined in the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975, including:

  • Direct family dependants, including children or grandchildren.
  • A spouse, irrespective of whether they were still together or separated.
  • A person named as a beneficiary in an earlier Will.
  • A person who was financially dependent on the deceased.
  • A creditor who owns the deceased’s debt.
  • A person who believes that the deceased promised them an item, but this was not disclosed in the Will.

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Bowsers Solicitors are local solicitors for the local community. We understand that our clients across Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Lincolnshire want to do what is best for themselves and their families. This may involve disputing a Will. In these circumstances, we will do all we can to support our client and work towards achieving the most favourable outcome.

Our lawyers will always ensure that your options are clear to you and advise against any claim that is likely to fail.

To speak to one of our friendly yet professional lawyers or chartered legal executives for dispute resolution today, please call 01945 583194 (Wisbech) or 01354 652606 (March), or email Alternatively, you can fill in our contact form

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Cases of this nature are always unique and often highly sensitive. Generally, there are a few common reasons by which a Will is contested, including:

  • If the deceased was subject to undue influence.
  • If there is reason to believe the Will is fraudulent.
  • If a person believes that insufficient financial provisions have been made for them – outlined in the Inheritance Act 1975 (as above).
  • If there is no Will and a person believes that they are left without reasonable financial provision according to the rules of intestacy.

Acting on any of these points can be highly challenging and often difficult to prove, meaning that promptly seeking comprehensive, reliable legal advice is essential. Following the date of the Grant of Probate, a person has six months by which they must contest a Will. Furthermore, if left too long, any finances or assets a person might have access to might have already been spent or disbursed, complicating the process further.

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