Is Working From Home The Future? Returning To The Office Post Covid
September 22, 2021

Over the Covid-19 pandemic, most people with office-based jobs found themselves working from home rather than from their physical offices.

This was in line with government guidance that encouraged people to stay at home and only leave their homes for essential trips. However, now the government has scrapped the work from home guidance, you may be asking “can I work from home?” Read on for more information on your rights and the new restrictions you may face.

Return To The Office

You may be wondering when will working from home end? With the end of government guidance on the subject, this is in the hands of the individual employer. The longevity of working from home will be decided based on what is best for the workers at your specific organisation, and what the business requires of its employees.

Hybrid Working

Many employers have seen the benefits of allowing employees to work from home at least in part. This means that you may find that your own employer is adapting to a more flexible way of working, such as hybrid working where some time is spent at home and some in the office. However, other employers are keen to return to full time office work, with no working from home option.

Is Working From Home The Future?

Some employers may not be looking to return to the office at all. In this case, you may be asked to collect your personal items and paperwork from the office and transition to working from home permanently. In this case, you should discuss setting up a suitable home office long-term with your employer to ensure health and safety regulations are met.

Your Rights

As an employee, you will have no legal right to work. This means that if you do not return to the office when requested, this may mean you are marked down as having an unauthorised absence. This may end in disciplinary action, and perhaps even job loss. It is important to have a frank discussion with your employer about their expectations of what your working life will look like now.

How We Can Help

Bowsers Solicitors are experienced in many areas of employment law. If you believe that you have been unfairly treated in your workplace, or need to understand your rights as a worker in this uncertain time, get in touch to find out how we can best advise and support you.

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