The Dangers of Making a Do-It-Yourself Will
April 20, 2022

When you are considering writing your will, you may wonder whether you need to involve a solicitor, or if you can make a Do-It-Yourself will. It can be tempting to write a DIY will and testament, especially if you believe your estate to be fairly simple. However, there are significant dangers of a DIY will and here we will explore some of them and find out – is a DIY will legal?

Incorrect information

One of the leading issues with homemade wills is that they may be considered invalid if your will contains incorrect information when it comes to your assets, or the phrasing of your will is ambiguous.

Incorrect Wording

Similarly, there are strict rules regarding the terminology used in legally binding documents, and a will is no different. If the wording is considered incorrect, then your intentions can be unclear, causing issues when your will is read.

Unclear On Rules

The rules and regulations of wills are very important; an expert understands them and knows what will be required in order to make your will legally binding. Part of these rules will be in relation to your beneficiaries and others, including your executors, guardians and trustees. If your will is not clear then this can result in disputes between your beneficiaries.>

Insufficient or Incorrect Witnesses

Are DIY wills legally binding? The simple answer is that they may not be considered legal if you do not have the required two witnesses. This is a legal requirement of a will being considered valid, yet it is something that is often an issue with DIY wills. Without the witnesses, who are not going to benefit from your estate, your will is considered void.

Difficulty With Complex Wills

If you have a complex estate or financial life, or you have a less straightforward personal life, this can make writing a DIY will difficult. This is because wills must be written carefully to clearly communicate your wishes. Due to this difficulty, you should always discuss your unique situation with an expert who will know which rules and regulations apply to you.

As you can see, there are many ways in which a DIY will can cause issues for you and your loved ones. If you want to get the right kind of support when writing your will, then get in touch with Bowsers Solicitors. We have a wealth of experience in helping to write a will that will help you to avoid all the dangers we have outlined. We’re here to make your will writing experience simple and stress-free.

Image Source: Pexels