Top 5 Most Common Reasons For Divorce
September 10, 2021

Top 5 Most Common Reasons For Divorce

Divorce is relatively common in the UK. While every couple is unique, some common reasons for divorce show up time and time again. Here, we will look at some of the main reasons for divorce and detail how Bowsers Solicitors can help.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, one of the very top reasons for divorce UK is adultery. It is, in fact, the most common reason why couples separate and seek divorce. Studies show that 55% of divorced people claim that adultery contributed to their divorce.

Lack Of Preparation

Marriage is an exciting undertaking that people love. However, this level of eagerness and excitement can lead to people leaping before they look and jumping into marriage before they are ready. A couple may lack the financial stability or emotional maturity to properly commit to a marriage, which can lead to arguing, an unstable home environment, economic insecurity, and unhappiness that leads to one of the most common reasons for divorce.

Excessive Arguing

Several factors can cause arguing, and the occasional disagreement is entirely normal in a marriage. However, excessive arguing due to a lack of understanding and miscommunication can be the starting point of more challenging to resolve issues such as adultery and unreasonable behaviour.

Unreasonable Behaviour

As far as reasons for divorce UK go, this is quite a serious one. Unreasonable behaviour, in this scenario, may encompass, for example, heavy drinking and/or recreational drug use. It might also encompass both physical and verbal abuse. There are lots of organisations in the UK that are there to support people experiencing domestic abuse, which you can access via Citizen’s Advice.

Lack Of Equality

One of the top reasons for divorce in the UK, more than 44% of divorced people say that a lack of equality was one of the leading causes of their divorce. This occurs when one half of a couple feels as though they are taking on too much, if not all, of the work within the home. This might include housework and childcare but could also include one partner working while the other does not contribute financially. This can build resentment and lead to further issues, eventually causing a split.

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