What Is A Good Age To Start Thinking About My Will?
October 5, 2022

Most people don’t consider making a will until they’re in their 50s, but this important document should be prepared much sooner. Although we don’t like to imagine the possibility of our unexpected death, it’s important to consider what the impact on your loved ones would be. Using a will writing service now can minimise stress for those who would be left to manage your estate.

You must be over 18 to use solicitors’ will writing services, but above this, there is never a wrong age to make a will. Instead, it’s better to consider key events or milestones in our lives and make or modify a will appropriately. Here’s our will writing advice for every stage of life.

Leaving Home and Buying a Property

Once you leave home and are financially independent, you may want to consider who will receive your assets in the event of your death. If a will isn’t in place and you are unmarried, your assets will pass to your parents. If you have a partner or other family member you’d prefer to benefit from, making a will is crucial. When you buy a home with someone else as joint tenants, your half of the property automatically passes to them unless you have a will in place to provide for others.

Marriage and Divorce

When you enter into marriage or civil partnership, any will you made in the past is revoked. It’s essential to make a new will if you want to ensure provisions are made for those other than your new spouse or partner. When you divorce or end a civil partnership, an existing will is not automatically revoked so making a new will is often a priority.

Having Children and Grandchildren

It’s common to make a will after having children to ensure they’re provided for in the event of your death. This is particularly important if you have separated from their other parent, or you have remarried. Many people also like to factor grandchildren into their will, and they review their will with every new grandchild.

Serious or Terminal Illness

In the face of serious or terminal illness, many people make a will for the first time or review their existing will to check it meets their current circumstances. Many people opt to leave a legacy to charity in their will if an organisation has supported them during their illness. It’s also possible to include funeral arrangements in a will to ensure your last wishes are known by your family members.

If you’re looking for a will writing service, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with Bowsers Solicitors.

Image Source: Unsplash