What Is The Average Probate Time Scale?
October 5, 2019

Probate is never an easy subject to talk about due to the subject matter involved. When a close friend or family member has passed away, you may have been named as executor in their will. This sees you given the responsibility of administering their estate and last wishes in a process called probate. One thing that many people new to this wonder, though, is how long does the average probate timescale take?

Different Cases Take Different Amounts Of Time

In a nutshell, there is no average timescale for probate. The timescale for getting the ‘Grant of Probate’ document and then administering the deceased’s estate will be different for each individual case. This is usually down to everyone’s estate being unique in its complexity. Having said that, there are certain things which you can do to make the whole process quicker.

Use A Professional Probate Solicitor

You may be tempted to handle the whole probate process yourself. This is understandable but any mistakes made when carrying out your duties or submitting paperwork can hold probate up. To avoid this and make things move quicker, it is often advisable to use a professional probate solicitor to help instead

Send Back Documents In Good Order

This is a great idea to help speed things up. It is essential to return any legal documents as soon as possible to avoid any hold-ups. Your solicitor will not be able to start work without these, so make sure to not forget about them.

Try To Locate Any Named Beneficiaries

While this might seem a hassle or something your solicitor should do, it can often help if you track down any beneficiaries yourself. A little time taken here could save your solicitor hours and therefore not only bring their fees down but also help the whole probate process to happen faster.

Get Valuations Done On Unusual Items

You may not realise this but a common hold-up with probate comes when an estate has unusual or antique items within it. Any items like this can take time to value and this can really slow things down. To avoid this, it is often worth getting any items like this valued quickly yourself.

Call Bowsers Today For Help With Probate

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