What To Do If You’re Owed Money For Services Rendered
July 12, 2021

Being owed money can throw serious disruption into the way you live and work. If you’re a business owner or service provider who has provided services and has not been paid, you need to find a way to make yourself whole before it has a knock-on effect on the rest of your finances. But where do you actually start?

Get Proof That You’re Owed The Money

The first step is to find proof that you’re owed the money. This should ideally be in the form of a receipt or a contract indicating that you have provided the agreed products or services to the individual in question. It should clearly state the date the service was provided, the nature of the service, a breakdown of the costs involved, as well as the total sum owed. Establishing the rest of your case depends on you being able to prove you’re owed the money, so finding this proof is essential.

Get A County Court Judgement In Your Favour

A County Court Judgement will legally solidify that the court has ruled in your favour, and the debtor legally owes you the money in question. It will codify the amount of money that is to be repaid and will give a time frame in which the payment must be completed. To get a County Court Judgement, you should retain the services of a team of legal professionals who can help take you through the process and ensure you have the necessary proof to support your case. A quick call to Bowsers Solicitors can put you in touch with our team of debt resolution experts, who can give you clarity and advice about the next step forward.

Filing An Attachment Of Earnings Order

An Attachment of Earnings order will direct the debtor’s employer to garnish their wages suitably to ensure their debts are paid. It will generally be in small instalments, depending on the nature of the debtor’s employment and how much they earn. This means you don’t have to worry about the debtor giving you the money themselves, as it will automatically be deducted from their earnings. Again, a team of legal professionals experienced in debt resolution can take you through the process of filing.

Contacting Our Friendly Team

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Image source: Pixabay