When Are Boundary Disputes Just Not Worth It?
September 21, 2022

You want your home to be somewhere safe and comfortable – but it can be all too easy for something unexpected to spoil your peace and quiet. If you find yourself in a boundary dispute, you may wonder what your rights are and when it is worth pursuing such an issue legally. Boundary dispute law can be complicated, and here we take a look at when pursuing a boundary dispute is more trouble than it’s worth.

Looking At Fence Issues

A common boundary dispute that crops up between neighbours is based on garden fences. If this seems unlikely, take a moment to consider that it is generally believed that fences on the left side of your garden may belong to a certain neighbour, with the right belonging to the other. However, it is far more complex than this, and the responsibility may come down to minute boundary measurements.

Can The Land Registry Help?

While this might seem like an easy resolution, that is not quite accurate. You can scale plans at the Land Registry to get a closer look at your boundaries – but incorrect boundary lines don’t give you a legal right. Boundaries shown on plans are not a precise representation of legal boundaries, and so this is not a good reason to pursue a legal boundary dispute.

How Can You Avoid A Boundary Dispute?

Avoiding a legal boundary dispute is often the preferable option, as litigation can be challenging. If damage has been caused by a neighbour, it is best to try and reach a non-legal solution and have them fix the issue as quickly as possible – and vice versa.

The Costs Of Litigation

There is more to pursuing legal action than showing up to court. As well as damaging your relationship with your neighbour, perhaps irreparably, it can also be extremely time-consuming. You will need to instruct a qualified solicitor or legal executive, pay court fees, and perhaps even take time off work in order to carry out the proceedings. This may not be worth it for you – so careful consideration about the size of your claim is vital.

How Bowsers Solicitors Can Help

Wherever you stand in a boundary dispute, it is a good idea to seek legal advice before you decide how to proceed. An experienced boundary dispute expert can provide you with the guidance you need. Bowsers Solicitors are experienced in providing boundary dispute advice that could help you decide whether legal action is the right move for you, and how you might best resolve the issue.

Image Source: Pexels