When Will The New No Fault Divorce Law Come Into Effect In The UK?
August 11, 2021

When will the new No Fault Divorce Law come into effect in the UK?

As of the current time, there is no easy way to acquire a divorce without claiming one party is at fault. However, this is all set to change with the new No Fault Divorce Law UK. This law will make it easier for amicably separating couples to divorce – read on to answer the question “when does no fault divorce come in UK?” and find out how this will impact separating couples.

When Can You Get A No Fault Divorce?

If you have been wondering when No Fault Divorce will begin in UK, then finally there is an answer. After a delay (the law was originally going to go into effect in 2021), the new date for the divorce law reform is 6th April 2022. From this point, couples will be able to request a divorce under this new law.

What Does This Change?

As of now, separating couples are required to provide one of five reasons as grounds for their divorce, as outlined in the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973, including grounds of adultery or desertion. Alternatively, the options are unreasonable behaviour, or two years’ separation with the consent of both parties. If both parties do not consent, this extends to five years.

However, these are not always applicable, and can leave couples struggling to fit their separation into a category that does not accurately represent their reasons. With the new No Fault Divorce Law in the UK, couples will only need to provide a statement of irretrievable breakdown.

Joint Applications

Separating couples will now be able to submit a joint application, whilst contesting a divorce, dissolution or separation will be removed. This is designed to create a less confrontational atmosphere for couples during a separation, which can be a highly emotionally charged time.

Minimum Period

Under the No Fault Divorce Bill UK, there is a new minimum waiting period of twenty weeks. This is designed to allow both parties time to reflect and be sure that they truly wish to separate , and be certain that their relationship cannot be mended. However, the six-week period between the conditional and final order will remain in place.

Get In Touch

While the new No Fault Divorce Law should make divorcing easier, it is still a complex and emotionally challenging process. If you require support with your own separation, Bowsers Solicitors can provide you with the help you need, from the first steps to the final word. Get in touch with us today to speak to a member of our expert team.

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